• Posted on 11 20, 2018
  • Lansing, MI, USA

Required Skills

Business Rule Engineer


3-7 Years

Job Description

Business Rule Engineer

Lansing MI

12 months Contract

Phone and Skype

H1’s are fine



1. Ability to articulatethe constraints of a business domain as a collection of rules and to designsuitable fact models to do the same. Typically people think sequentially.However to be a Business Rule Engineer requires a strong aptitude for logicaland methodical thinking with the ability to disseminate  businessconstraints into discrete rules.
2. Ability to articulate rules in a clear, concise and unambiguouslanguage. This requires a strong language capability coupled with thoughtclarity.
3. To be able to transform the logic concepts to code in the system, thecandidate should have good aptitude for computer science, object orientedanalysis and design and modeling.
The Business Rule Engineer position is a melting pot of diverse skills andtalents. A Business Rule Engineer should have the computer science backgroundto understand the basic building blocks of logic and be able to correlate it tothe technical details of a how a rule engine functions. Technically rule basedsystems differ quite a bit from software systems built using traditionalprogramming languages. An experienced Business Rule Engineer should have thefollowing attributes and skills to be successful.

Employment Type


Work Authorization

US Citizen Green Card EAD (OPT/CPT/GC/H4) H1B

Direct Client Requirement


Working through a Preferred Vendor


Employer Details

Name: Anil behara
Company: Corpteq Solutions Inc
Location: Cumming, GA, United States
Contact: (678) 679-3505

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